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Whatever your project, it is legitimate to look for the cheapest consolidation credit to achieve it. But how do you find the most advantageous offer, which will allow you to repay affordable monthly payments without suffering from a credit rate that is too high?

Good news: by preparing your loan application well and comparing offers on The, you can get a cheap consolidation credit, which will allow you to carry out your projects with confidence. The supports you in your search for the cheapest consumer loan.

Cheap Consolidation Credit: Prefer Offers Online

Cheap Consolidation Credit: Prefer Offers Online

If you are comfortable with digital and you can do without the help of a consultant, choose online institutions (bank, credit …) to find your credit consolidation cheap. Establishments 100% online, because they do not have agency fees, sometimes offer more advantageous terms and therefore cheaper consolidation credits.

Compare to find the cheapest consumer loan

To obtain a cheap consolidation credit, the best solution is to compare offers! With a comparator of loans online consolidation, you just have to fill some information about you and your project before having access in a few clicks to the estimates of cheap consolidation credits available for you.

Cheap consolidation credit: what to compare?

Cheap consolidation credit: what to compare?

To compare the offers and find a credit consolidation cheap, be careful:

  • At the interest rate of the consumer loan, also called APR (annual percentage rate of charge). This is the first indicator to compare: the lower it is, the more you benefit from cheap consolidation;
  • The duration of the credit and the number of monthly payments ;
  • At the type of loan rate: fixed loan rate? floating rate? ;
  • The possible expenses of files, which can come inflate the invoice.

Be careful to read the conditions for granting the credit consolidation. A cheap credit may seem very attractive at first glance, but it may be less than it seems after detailed study. If you want to buy one, do not forget to take into account borrower insurance, which will increase the cost of credit.

Cheap credit offer: think about credit simulation

Before comparing cheap consolidation credits, do not hesitate to make one or more simulations of credit consolidation online! With an online calculator, you can simulate your consumer loan and find the loan duration and the number of monthly payments the most consistent with your budget.

The consumer loan simulation is non-binding and free. This means that you can do as many tests as you want to find the best scenario for you!

How to get a cheap consolidation credit?

To find a cheap consolidation credit, the idea is to use a credit comparator like The There are, however, other tips for getting the best rate! Whenever possible, be sure to:

  • Choose the right type of consumer credit Personal loan? Assigned credit? Revolving credit? For example, the credit allocated may allow you to benefit from cheaper rates than personal credit;
  • Give priority to short loans. More secure for banks, short-term credits are often offered at more attractive rates than long-term loans.
  • Negotiate your borrowing rate! In general, banks and credit institutions are much less open to negotiation for consumer loans than for mortgages, but it is still worth trying.

Before you start, study your repayment ability. If your monthly payments represent more than 1/3 of your income, you may have difficulty paying your monthly payments.

What is the cheapest credit?


Obtaining your credit depends on your project, your profile and your financial situation. So there is not the cheapest credit in the absolute, but the cheapest credit for you. You should also know that loan offers change according to the periods. To find the cheapest credit at the best rate, it is therefore important to put the offers in competition with a comparator of consumer credit !